About the Climate Alliance

Washington is leading the way to a more equitable, prosperous future for everyone.

Starting in 2014, The Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy came together as the nation’s broadest climate coalition to take bold action on climate. The Climate Alliance is a coalition of environmental advocates, labor unions, health professionals, businesses, faith communities, and communities of color, working with tribal nations–plus thousands of volunteers from across Washington State–committed building a resilient climate justice movement. Together, we understand that in order to achieve transformative solutions to the climate crisis, we need everyone at the table.

We believe the climate crisis requires profound systems transformation –  of energy sources, political, and racial power structures, and our economy. Over the last five years, we have begun to transform these systems by changing the conversation in our state from whether we should take action on climate, to demonstrating how it should be done: with a broad coalition that includes frontline communities and impacted workers, and policy solutions that combine deep carbon reductions with advances for workers, low-income communities, and communities of color who disproportionately bear the impacts of pollution and of the transition.

Washington has never waited for others to find solutions. We have a history of tackling problems others wouldn’t and taking on challenges as opportunities. Now it’s time to write the next chapter.

We want climate justice solutions that create:

  • Clean air, clean water, healthy food, and a healthy environment for all.
  • Connected communities with affordable healthy housing and clean transportation for all.
  • Livable wage jobs and workers’ right to organize for a safe, healthy and just work environment for all.
  • Resilient and thriving communities, fisheries, farmlands, and waterways for all.

We believe Washington must lead the way to an equitable and just transition to a clean and resilient economy by:

  • Taking our future into our own hands by passing policies and making investments that effectively and deeply reduce climate pollution proportionate to the urgency of the climate crisis, as determined by science, community experience, and indigenous knowledge
  • Making sure every community throughout the state, has a stake in the benefits of a clean and resilient economy.
  • Ensuring that communities hardest hit by pollution and climate change have equitable representation at the decision making table, receive an equitable share of investments and benefits, and see a tangible reduction of pollution in their communities.
  • Ensuring a truly just transition for workers and impacted communities during the transition to a clean and resilient economy, including through the creation of family sustaining, union jobs.
  • Helping energy intensive and trade exposed industries reduce carbon emissions in the state while maintaining a healthy environment for our communities.
  • Recognizing tribal sovereignty and abiding by the law of free, prior, and informed consent.
  • Ensuring that policies to reduce pollution hold accountable those most responsible for causing the problem, do not disproportionately or unnecessarily increase costs for people with lower incomes and wealth, and provide financial assistance to low-income households to make low-carbon options available and accessible to all.
  • Restoring and protecting our lands, forests, and waters for their intrinsic value, resiliency for our future generations, and as part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Climate Alliance Governance Board

Deric Gruen, Program Director, Front & Centered
Jill Mangaliman, Executive Director, Got Green
Nicole Vallestero Keenan-Lai, Executive Director, Puget Sound Sage
Rich Stolz, Executive Director, OneAmerica
Faye Guenther, President, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 21
Larry Brown, President, Washington State Labor Council
Mark Riker, Executive Secretary, Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council
Becky Kelley, Executive Team member, Washington Environmental Council/Washington Conservation Voters
Gregg Small, Executive Director, Climate Solutions
Mo McBroom, Director of Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy – Washington

Alliance Steering Committee

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